Our Mission and Vision​

  • Los Mininos provides life-long sanctuary for older, less desirable, or un-adoptable cats. We endeavor to provide each individual kitty a safe, healthy, and caring place to live.
  • To work with other local and international organizations to find the right solution for each individual cat’s needs and desires, and to demonstrate to our community the value of caring for cats.

Why We Do It

Each abandoned cat started life as someone’s pet. And, because of any number of circumstances that cat found herself alone, hungry, frightened, and in an unwelcome place. But, that kitty is still a pet. She is not a wild animal. She is not feral. ​All domestic animals are our responsibility. As individuals, and as a society, it is our duty to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to our pets. As a community, Boquete, Panama has enthusiastically embraced these responsibilities. Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary plays a vital role caring for cats who have lost their homes, and helping them find new homes. In my mind, it is more than a responsibility to care for abandoned cats…it is a privilege.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Each cat deserves a good home.
  • Each cat is unique.
  • Serve those cats who are most in need.